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Weed and Green, what's in the name. at the end of the day they both burn the same wat do u say 2 hay  
12:00pm 09/04/2007
The day always tends to go better when I start it off with a blunt.  It's kind of scary how happy it makes me. I guess you know you're addicted when you determine how good your day was, based on how high you got.  LOL well it's not really like that.

I know i'm addicted cause
i listen to the trees burn
and I hear the blunt sizzle
as we cling to the tip
and breathe the green
into  our lungs
young lungs aged by smoke
minds grow wiser everytime
throats choke
on false sense of hope
relief is at the end of the rope
grab hold the graped flavored
cigarello, tounges roll back
to let the whole world know
there's pain trapped beneath
this smoke.
breathe exhale. let it all go
recongize addiction
behold the capitivity its got on me
trips caused  a permanent glitch in my matrix
like a pistol with a new clip
i'm fully loaded with all my old
and I'v obtained a 6th sense
I can sense addicition burn
stand back watch my attention turn
insecurites burn
thoughts hault at ease
and it's pleasing to every
measure of me
extacsy pairs with fantasy
and I'm free to dwell there
til I come down
touch down on the floors of hell
living hell on earth
reality hurts
 so I'm back getting high again
ready to sit back and take flight again
spin into a world of sur-real alitiy
like life captured on vh-1,  tv
turned mines dumb
voices set back , unturned
now look at what
the media's done to our young
and I was young, but i got high
and aged everytime I put my lips
the pipe
lighters opened my eyes
to the gray skies, that I've resided behind
when closes mines take flight
they'll never go back
reach new heights, dreams
flown like kites on top of blues skies
love is a lie
and truth is too far
to reach without broom
so jump on my broom
of blazing grass
hold on to the handle
we're blazing fast
and flying past
the bad times. let time fly
it'll go quicker once im high
location: Cat's Den
mood: quixoticquixotic
music: mims- where I belong
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Verbal Habits  
06:36pm 08/04/2007
I could simply tell you i love you
but what good does that do
when it has been said
six times a day
through 19 years of ups and downs
verbally rearranged 3000  different ways
word play is no longer limited to childs play
between goodmornings
and bad nights
after and inbetween  the drawn out 
pointless fights, accented by night
words are thrown like butchers knives
and we puncture each other's souls
verbal blows and  scorn are worn
like bad fashion and 
we are the victims and the critics
yield to the
criticism of your maternal skills
and I will yield to your  bad take of me
take me as I am  on a dishonest knee
and insincere plees
that sound like i love you

watch me feel you out
slowly pull the bad in you out
by drawstring and nerve
let me disgrace you and mistake
you for less than you are
mistake the goodness in your heart
for weakness and vulnerbility
take hold of my abusive activity
and let me blame you for my insecurities 
play the roll and take the toll
for the young misguided heart
as i ignore the pain of the mother's heart

the heart is a lonely hunter
and our lonley hearts prey on each 
other, and hearts can never
be prayed for too much
when will we break this demonic hold
we have over each other's
ability to breathe without shake
live life without the constant quake and
baking of our emotions
and they rise and fall like dough
tell me when to go
and I'll tell you i love you
out of habit
 impossible to count the times
i mumbled the lines out of mere habit
and i have a bad habit of loving you the wrong way
attaction say they speak louder than words
and the survery read
my action said
the exact opposite of the feelings
conjured by my head and molded by my heart

rainstorm seemingly reflect the painstorms
we deal on each others hearts
and we spill on each other
all our baggage
and emotional left overs
from those we love less
but is love pointless 
when it's lifeless
if we could only breathe breath
in our words like life in the bones
of ponochio, our love would be gold
like the touch of mitas
how easy would love be 
might a genie have granted us
the ability to read each others minds
erase fine lines rewind the times when 
lies granted room for misinterpretation
to come into play
your imagination plays like records
go dj - film rolls and unfold my subconcious
 unto your conscious to give you a step by step play
of how love goes knows and means for me

And you could see that looking at you
is like looking in a mirror
from the future
and yes I love you
but i'm not ready to become you
and i'm scared free will is partnered with fate
and they are going to lead back to these reflections
in the mirror 
so i run away from fate
sweet escape
 I only push you away to move further from me.
behold me in the form of lies
i lie because i love you too much
to face the possiblity of losing you to the truth
lost like hope in the youth.

I am a mirror image of mistakes you wish you
would nt have made.
you played a similar hand
but  my search is not for intervention
just your attention which is so easily
sawyed away from me
at the glance of a chance to live and be yung again
so who's really running then?
but who could and will God blame us
we are rolling stones
looking to settle on smoother grounds
luck is goes  round and would rather
we lie on rougher grounds
like mound of rocks
and frowns could so easily be turned upside down
if we could just love each other as much as we say
location: Basement
mood: enthralledenthralled
music: You know I'm no good - amy winehouse
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